VIP CAVIAR — Russian caviar — project, which unites Russian companies producing caviar in open reservoirs.

Buying our caviar, you buy the best in the world caviar of high quality. Yes this is true. The sturgeon that produces our eggs is grown in natural conditions, on a natural forage base.

If this is a Siberian sturgeon (Acipenser baerii), then the farms are on the rivers of Siberia, if it is a Caspian sturgeon (Acipenser guldenstadti Brandt, Acipenseridae Huso Huso), the farms are on the Volga River and the Caspian coast.

Our caviar is as close as possible to wild caviar, because it is grown in conditions where sturgeon dwells for centuries.

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People, I sell caviar, and not analogies with caviar. My caviar is grown in natural conditions. Before you choose caviar, think about what type of caviar: Caspian sturgeon Siberian sturgeon. Where sturgeon lives. And where is the manufacturer. If you need caviar made in closed ponds, where sturgeon defecates and dies, and then produce caviar, then such caviar will always be much cheaper.

We cooperate with companies, business agents and individuals.

We produce the largest amount of bulk caviar. We offer wholesale caviar in any volume. As a supplier caviar, we deliver to the door.


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Sale of 5-7 kg of caviar.

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Beluga caviar- CAVIAR OF RUSSIAN KINGS Acipenseridae Huso Huso

Price for 5 kilograms — 5000gr

Not available in the US

Caviar granular beluga — eggs large (up to 5 mm) — dark gray and silvery.

Caviar has a very delicate, specific taste. Mass fraction of table salt from 2.6% to 3.2%.

Validity period of granular caviar of beluga not more than 12 months from the date of manufacture

Special offer

Price for 1 kg 847 $ with the purchase of 30 kg or more.

Sturgeon Caspian Caviar

Acipenser guldenstadti Brandt

Caviar grainy Russian sturgeon – medium and large eggs (up to 4 mm) – gray, yellowish or brown, black.

The taste is bright.

Mass fraction of table salt from 2.6% to 3.2%.

Shelf life of Russian sturgeon caviar is no more than 12 months from the date of manufacture at storage temperature minus 4 ° С – minus 2 °С.

Sturgeon Siberian Caviar

Acipenser baerii

This caviar is of the highest grade. The distinguished feature of this brand is that for it we use the roe only from 15 (or more) years old fish. In one can we pack the caviar only from single fish.

This caviar has special, extraordinary silky texture, and the skin is so soft that it simply melts in your mouth. The taste is delicate, very rich, and fresh with the slightly bitter flavor and light creamy nutty aftertaste.

The grain size — average and big (2-3 mm).

Color — from dark gray to brownish. Glossy, with a translucent cover.

With preservatives, (shelf life is 12 months).

Larger packaging is available upon request.

 Delivery -500 USD
Collection of orders begins only after receiving money on our account. You will receive a notification in the mail that your order is being formed.
When ordering on our website, we process your order within 26-34 days of the CITES examination, the order is created directly on fish farms, and export and customs documentation is prepared. For more delivery terms to your country, please write:

Then the order is sent to the customs broker in the bag with refrigerant. In case of cancellation of the purchase, you must inform us by e-mail ( before 09:00 GMT the next day and
your application has not yet been sent to a customs broker
After the order is handed over to the customs broker, it is assigned a number with which you can track the delivery.
Your order is accompanied by an international veterinary certificate form 5i and a CITES certificate.
We can supply our high-quality products anywhere in the world, from 5-7 kg.

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