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We will talk about sturgeon caviar, VIP CAVIAR has been working in this market for 3 years already, but it has in its staff employees with work experience in caviar production of 20 years or more. As we lured these experts leave secret. )))

On the world market, a huge amount of sturgeon caviar is represented by those countries where the sturgeon has never been found. This type of production has 2 ways: 1 way – Closed water supply, the main points of sturgeon maintenance for this type of production you can see in the photo:

And this shit is bought by 90% of consumers???

2 production path is the cultivation of sturgeon in natural waters, but where the sturgeon was never found. If the Lord God did not launch this fish in this reservoir, the reservoir for sturgeon is not suitable: not such a composition of water (ph and salt), not such an average annual warming of the water, not that composition of the feed, and this sturgeon is sick and the quality of eggs decreases.

A lot of caviar farms around the world grow beluga for caviar, but at least one company in the world orders food and water from the Caspian basin ??? Very expensive caviar will come out !!! I’m not talking about the fact that if you grow beluga to mature (when it starts to spawn), as it should be, it’s 18-20 years.

Think of the above!

Remember: The size of eggs of a mature beluga grown under natural conditions is 5mm. The rest of the beluga caviar is technologically grown.

My VIP CAVIAR project unites all Russian producers of sturgeon caviar producing caviar in natural habitat of sturgeon:

 Caspian Sea – Acipenseridae Huso Huso – Beluga caviar,

Caspian Sea – Acipenser guldenstadti Brandt – caviar of Russian sturgeon,

 Siberian rivers – Acipenser baerii – caviar of Siberian sturgeon.

Your benefit:

1 The shelf life of our caviar is up to 12 months.

2 Cooperating with us you will always have high-quality and ecological clean sturgeon caviar.

3Our caviar is as close as possible to wild roe, because production is located in the spawning grounds of sturgeon.

4We are the only ones in Russia who supply sturgeon caviar to the world market from 5 kg.

5We are also the only ones in Russia who are ready to provide all types of Russian sturgeon caviar.

6 We have the cheapest delivery of $ 500 due to the large volume of orders, and good relations with airlines.

7 Right now, sturgeon begins to spawn, and you have a unique opportunity to order caviar of this year.

8 Ordering caviar now you also get testers of another kind (3 cans of 30g each) to have more ideas about our products.

P \ S If you have any ideas or suggestions please contact! We are always looking for new connections and constructive ideas!