Caviar company


Caviar company

Selection of high-quality sturgeon caviar:

1 To choose caviar, find out what type it belongs.
2 Find out the habitat of this fish.
3 Compare the habitat of fish with the location of the manufacturer. If they match, the likelihood that you will choose an aquamarine product is 80%.
4. Cooperating with us, you are guaranteed to become a consumer of high-quality caviar !!!

Wholesale of sturgeon caviar from 6 kg. Get the price.
High-quality sturgeon caviar from Russia. Known all over the world since the time when Russia was an empire. You have a unique opportunity to experience this incredible taste.

Features of the production of sturgeon caviar.

Siberian sturgeon – has a large belly, it breeds easily (compared to the Caspian sturgeon). At registration in CITES all breeding herd is registered. Caspian sturgeon – the size of the abdomen is smaller than that of the Siberian sturgeon, more difficult. When breeding in CITES, each individual is recorded separately. Beluga caviar is the oldest representative of sturgeon, large eggs 5-7 mm of royal caviar (caviar of Russian tsars – emperors). It is recorded in the same way as the Caspian sturgeon.

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