champagne and juice drinks

champagne and juice drinks

If you really wanted champagne, then you have a choice of two options: expensive and very expensive. Veuve Clicquot or Circle, something like that.

Sales of sparkling wines soar during mass holidays, and consumers cannot be blamed for looking for budget alternatives: from prosecco to cava and cremane. But nothing compares to the excitement around champagne.

Champagne Tasting

Whether it’s in the history of the region, the exclusivity of individual bottles, the excitement of flying out of cork, the delicacy of flavors, the subtle play of bubbles, or the sheer power of marketing, one thing remains: consumers are willing to pay more for champagne. How much more is a matter of particulars.

We studied the range of the portal wine-searcher, to find out whose bubbles are more expensive.

Although some manufacturers pour their champagne into magnums (1.5 l bottles) and jerovoam (3 l) with price tags, when looking at which the music is required so that the jaw does not drop – as a limited edition of 2002 Cristal Gold Medallion from Louis Roederer for $ 25,000 per bottle – we ranked only 750 ml bottles represented by several vintages and ranked them by average price.

champagne and juice drinks

We have screened out large formats, special sets and limited editions. The result was a list dominated by two manufacturers, both from LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy).

champagne and juice drinks

Krug Clos d’Ambonnay

At the top of the list is the number bottle Circle Blanc de Noir with an average price tag of $ 2,151.

champagne and juice drinks

Champagne Circle Clos d’Ambonne

Content comes from one of the most respected Pinot Noir villages in Champagne – Ambonnay. The grapes are harvested on a single plot of 0.68 ha.

Limited landing is the first detail. The second – the release of wine only in the best years. Moreover, only for four of these harvests was a release made. Hence the rarity of Clos d’Ambonnay champagne.

And let’s not forget that Krug is one of the most prestigious champagne houses, known for its small volumes of output and very high prices.

Dom Perignon P3 Plenitude Brut

Probably, the appearance of this champagne at home among the most expensive will not surprise anyone. But Brut P3 Ple? Nitude is only the first of the five Champagne Dom Perignon on our list.

Champagne House Perignon P3 Brut

This is a late bottling cuvee, which has several stages on the draft.

The first stage – “standard” – is released in 7-8 years.

The second – labeled as P2 (lower on our list) – is undergoing disgorging after 12–15 years of aging.

And finally, the last one – P3 – is a disgorging 20-30 years after the harvest.

Holding LVMH (which owns the Dom Perignon brand) did not lose, making the difficult decision to keep its flagship champagne, reaching an average of $ 175 per bottle. Their expectations paid off a hundredfold. A bottle of the P3 series will cost you about $ 1692 now.

Dom Perignon notheque Rose?

Oenotheque has been replaced by the Dom Penrignon’s Plennitude line, but the vintages of this “library release” are still waiting in the wings for about $ 1195.

Champagne Dom Perignon Enoteca Rose

These vintage Pinot Noir blends from the Chardonnay spent 20-30 years in the chalk cellars Dom Perignon dungeons of the commune of Epernay. No more vintages will be released with this label. So if you have a thousand bucks lying around, then these bubbles can be a good investment.

Dom Perignon Reserve de l’Abbaye

The house plays with its bubbles and in the fourth place of our price parade with the position, also known as Dom Pe? Rignon Gold or Gold Reserve.

Champagne House Perignon Reserve de L’Abeyi

This is a stand-alone line made to the tastes of Japanese consumers.

Like the P3 series, this champagne is produced after 20-30 years of aging, but its price is noticeably different. If you can get it, it will cost you an average of $ 989 per bottle.

It is noteworthy that the bottles of Re? Serve de L’Abbaye have individual rooms, which is very unusual for this champagne at home.

Krug Clos du Mesnil Blanc de Blancs

No one expects the Circle to be cheap, so the reappearance of this brand on our list is also not a surprise. This time with vintage blanc de blanc.

Champagne Circle Clos du Menil Blanc de Blanc

1.84 hectares of the Cloet du Menil vineyard, located in the village of Mesnil-sur-Auger (Mesnil-Sur-Oger), surrounded by a stone wall since 1698 and is one of the recognizable objects in Champagne.

This monosortovogo millezimnoe champagne from a separate vineyard costs around $ 961 per bottle.

Krug Collection Brut

Exposure of champagne will cost you money. Or you pay them, buying champagne, which has already stood for you.

In sixth place we have again the Circle and its Krug Collection.

Champagne Circle Brut Collection

The house holds part of the products of individual vintages for further aging. Wines are stored in ideal conditions, then tasted, evaluated and await a “second exit” to the public. Kolomatey patiently waiting for a second chance to pick up such a cuvee at an average price of $ 872 per bottle.

Dom Perignon notheque Brut Millesime.

As with all the other Enoteca by Dom Perignon, the Brut version of the Millezim is no longer released under this label (which can be translated as a “wine library”).

Champagne House perinon Enoteca brut

Suggestions for vintages up to 1959 are still in the wine-searcher database.

The price of this seasoned vintage champagne averages $ 764.

Dom Perignon P2 Plenitude Brut Rose?

Dom Pe? Rignon Rose? It costs an average of $ 320 per bottle. Add a dozen years of exposure to the release – and now the price has more than doubled – around $ 758 per bottle. Looks like a normal investment option, right? Not.

Champagne House perignon P2 rose

Unfortunately, the matter is not just in aging, but in how much wine has spent on its lees before degorzmana. Just Rose? and P2 Rose? the same year will differ in taste and aroma. And obviously, this difference pulls dollars by 400.

Bollinger Villes Vignes Francaises Blanc de Noirs

Finally, we break out of the portfolios of Dom Perignon, Krug and LVMH. And we proceed to the family house of champagne and James Bond’s favorite champagne – Bollange.

Champagne Bollange Vieille Vigne Francaise

The small story behind this Blanc de Noir makes it particularly attractive and, perhaps, justifies the price tag of $ 732 per bottle.

At the beginning of the 20th century, aphids of phylloxera mowed down most of the Champagne vineyards. Almost all the vines had to be planted on American roots. In addition to the two sites with Pinot Noir in Au owned by Bollanzhe. These vines were not grafted, and became a source of grapes for the Vilya Vignes Francais (Villes Vignes Francaises).

Very few berries, very few monosortovogo Pinot Noir wines and very few bottles of this champagne: only about 3500 in a good year.

Armand de Brignac Ace of Spades Silver Blanc de Noirs

Known for his peak-ace logo and distinctive metallic bottle design, Armand de Brignac closes our rating with his champagne blanc de noir with a $ 708 price tag per bottle.

Champagne Armand de Brinyak Silver

This non-vintage champagne has been produced by the company of the Cattier family (Cattier) – the owners of champagne vineyards since 1763 – and has been aged for at least five years in its own cellars.

The cuvee is made from a vintage trio: the first is from the yields of 2006,2008 and 2009, and the second from 2008-2009 and 2010. Each bottle is provided with an individual number. Less than 3000 bottles of the first assemblage and only 2333 second.

Champagne and Caviar: Love in French

When Europeans recognized black caviar as a delicacy (and it happened at the beginning of the last century, of course, Champagne became the “legitimate” companion of black caviar. Since then, champagne and black caviar are perceived as a classic wine-gastronomic union and a symbol of luxury. Speaking of ideal compatibility wines with food in general, two most successful options can be noted: a) champagne and food are ideally combined in their characteristics and seem to melt into each other; b) everything works in contrast, i.e. characteristics are opposite, but complement each other perfectly. Again, a classic example is black caviar. For its fatty and brackish taste, champagne adds acid and freshness. A spoon of caviar – a sip of Krug, another of caviar – more champagne … Endless pleasure: you take one sip with bubbles – and your palate is again ready to accept the caviar. To achieve the perfect balance of balance between champagne and caviar, full-bodied wine should be served, which maintains its salty taste. Only the best wines will be an ideal partner of caviar: Cuvee Dom Perignon (Moet & Chandon), La Grande Dame (Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin), Krug Grande Cuvee, Cristal (Louis Roederer), Sir Winston Churchill (Pol Roger), Grand Siecle (Laurent- Perrier), Clos de Goisses (Philopponnat) and other special cuves and millezyme.

champagne and juice drinks

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