champagne cocktail made with peach

champagne cocktail made with peach

champagne cocktail made with peach

In fact, champagne is sparkling wine, but brought to us from Champagne, the French province, where it is made. All other types of this drink should be called wines.

Champagne classification:

Manufacturers of “ladies” drink has long divided it into categories. Champagne varieties (and types of sparkling wines) are classified according to the level of sweetness, the type of grape berries and the year they are harvested, the characteristics of alcohol production.

By grape variety emit champagne / sparkling wine /:

Vintage species (monosortovye) are prepared from one grape variety, “harvested” in one crop season (ie, once every 3-5 years).

Non-installation types (assembled) are prepared by mixing 3 varieties of wine berries (Pinot Menee and Noir, Chardonnay). Often in such alcohol there are from 10 to 40% of sparkling wines, made earlier – 2-3 years before. Moreover, these wines do not have high quality, at best – medium.

Doux / Dulce – sweet, dessert, containing sugars over 50 grams per liter

champagne cocktail made with peach

champagne cocktail made with peach

Demi-sec / Rich / Semi-Seco – semi-sweet / semi-dry, containing sugars 33-50 grams per liter

Sec / Dry / Seco – dry species containing sugars 17-35 grams per liter

Extra sec / Extra-dry / Extra Seco – extra – dry champagne containing sugars 12-20 grams per liter

champagne cocktail made with peach

Brut is the “driest” beverage containing sugars up to 15 grams per liter

Non-dosage – an expensive, natural, sugar-free form that can detect the residual amount of sugars, but not more than 6 grams per liter

In addition, sugar is not added to such varieties of sparkling alcohol as Brut – Nature Extra, Ultra, Sauvage, Zero.

On the “color” of champagne (sparkling wine) can be identified:

The classic shade of champagne is golden, and many do not accept others, “calling them” not real. But this drink can have other shades and still be the most real.

Blanc de blancs is a variety – “white from white”, it is made only from “chardonnay” (white grapes). The color of the drink is golden.

Blank de noirs is a variety – “white out of black”; its production is “pinot noir or less” (red grapes). The color of the drink is shades of red.

Rose Champagne is a “pink” variety, in which the pink color is achieved by soaking the skin of red grapes in the wort of white wine or by mixing white and red wine. The color of the drink is pink.

Cuvees de prestige / delux / special– elite vintage champagne from the village of Champagne, made from the berries of Grand Cru. These include Dom Perignon, Laurent-Perrier’s Grand Siecle, Pol Roger’s Cuvee Sir Winston Churchill, Moet & Chandon’s and Louis Roederer’s Cristal. The color of the drink is golden.

Standard champagne bottles hold 0.75 liters, magnum bottles 1.5 liters. The latter are considered ideal for sparkling wines, but bottles and other volumes can be found on sale:

30 liters – Melchizedek (released only by Drappier)

27 liters – Primat

24 liters – Solomon

18 liters – Melchior

15 liters – Nabuchodonosor

12 liters – Balthazar

9 liters – Salmanazar

6 liters – Mathusalem

4.5 liters – Rehoboam

3 liters – Jeroboam

1.5 liters – Magnum

0, 75 liters – Bouteille

0, 375 liters – Demie

0.18 or 0.2 liters – piccolo bottle / split / quart

RM – this variety is produced under the full control of the wine house from its grapes

NM – the drink is produced by large producers from purchased grapes (wine materials).

ND – champagne brand belongs to one company, production – to another

MA – this variety belongs to restaurants or hypermarkets, which themselves do not own either vineyards or production.

SR – alcohol is produced by the association, which controls a number of brands at once.

RC – champagne brand belongs to the seller (merchant)

Italian – Asti, prepared from the vineyards “Moscato”. This is a dessert and light drink. Another variety of sparkling wines from the sunny country is Spumante. They are dessert and semi-sweet types. Dry sparkling wines here are called Prosecco. In addition, the excellent brands of Italy are the line of sparkling wines Bracchetto, Lambrusco, Franciacorta, Fragolino. The taste of Italian varieties emphasizes their “youth” (it is not necessary to withstand them for more than a year).

South African – Cap Classique, made from African grapes. The line of sorts allows you to choose a drink of any color and any sweetness.

Spanish – Cava, white or pink (Cava Rosado), on the original traffic jam – the image of a four-pointed star. Only 3 wine houses produce it – Segura Viudas, Freixenet and Codorniu.

French, but not from the province of Champagne – Cremant. These are Cremant de Bordeaux, Cremant d’Alsace and Cremant du Jura. Famous and other sparkling wines of France – Champagne, Limoux.

German – Sekt, prepared only from raw materials of German vineyards, for example, Riesling. The line of sorts allows you to choose a drink of any color and any sweetness.

Champagne and Caviar: Love in French

When Europeans recognized black caviar as a delicacy (and it happened at the beginning of the last century, of course, Champagne became the “legitimate” companion of black caviar. Since then, champagne and black caviar are perceived as a classic wine-gastronomic union and a symbol of luxury. Speaking of ideal compatibility wines with food in general, two most successful options can be noted: a) champagne and food are ideally combined in their characteristics and seem to melt into each other; b) everything works in contrast, i.e. characteristics are opposite, but complement each other perfectly. Again, a classic example is black caviar. For its fatty and brackish taste, champagne adds acid and freshness. A spoon of caviar – a sip of Krug, another of caviar – more champagne … Endless pleasure: you take one sip with bubbles – and your palate is again ready to accept the caviar. To achieve the perfect balance of balance between champagne and caviar, full-bodied wine should be served, which maintains its salty taste. Only the best wines will be an ideal partner of caviar: Cuvee Dom Perignon (Moet & Chandon), La Grande Dame (Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin), Krug Grande Cuvee, Cristal (Louis Roederer), Sir Winston Churchill (Pol Roger), Grand Siecle (Laurent- Perrier), Clos de Goisses (Philopponnat) and other special cuves and millezyme.

champagne cocktail made with peach

champagne cocktail made with peach

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