champagne vodka red bull

champagne vodka red bull

1. “Mimosa”.

Cocktail with a light pleasant taste, suitable for creating a festive mood among guests. The perfect combination of liquor, champagne and juice.


orange liqueur – 20 ml;

sugar – 1 tablespoon;

champagne – 150 ml;

champagne vodka red bull

orange juice – 50 ml.

champagne cocktail with juice

champagne vodka red bull



champagne vodka red bull

1. Pour 10 ml of liquor in a small bowl, and pour sugar in a saucer.

2. Dip the edges of the glasses into the liquor, and then into the sugar. It should make a sugar bezel.

3. Pour into a glass of liquor (the remaining 10 ml), juice and champagne, then mix.

4. Decorate with orange peel.

According to another recipe, the Mimosa cocktail is made from champagne with orange juice mixed in equal proportions. I advise you to try both options and choose the best.

2. Bellini.

The recipe came up with the famous Venetian bartender Giuseppe Cipriani. He called the cocktail in honor of the great Italian artist Giovanni Bellini, who knew how to create unique pink shades. The drink is remembered for its peach flavor.


champagne (Prosecco sparkling wine) – 100 ml;

big peach – 1 piece;

sugar – 1 tsp.

Bellini Cocktail Recipe



1. Peel the peel and grind it in a blender with sugar until smooth.

2. Add 50 ml of mashed potatoes to the glass.

3. Pour in well chilled champagne.

4. Decorate with any fruit.

At various times, this cocktail was highly appreciated by Ernest Hemingway, Orson Welles, Sinclair Lewis and other representatives of the world famous bohemian.

3. “Champagne ice.”

Something in between a cocktail and a sweet alcoholic dish.


champagne (brut or dry) – 50 ml;

ice cream (ice cream) – 100 grams;

strawberries – 50 grams;

Mint – 2-3 leaves.

champagne with ice cream and strawberries

Champagne Ice


1. Cut the strawberries in large pieces, mint – small.

2. Mix in a glass strawberries, ice cream and mint.

3. Pour the champagne.

4. Drink a cocktail through the straw. Leftover strawberries can be eaten with a spoon.

Champagne with ice cream and strawberries are served for dessert.

4. “Martini Royale.”

Refreshing low alcohol cocktail, which harmoniously combines champagne and martini.


white vermouth (martini bianco) – 75 ml;

champagne – 75 ml;

lemon – 1 quarter;

mint – 1 gram;

ice cubes – 160 grams.

champagne martini cocktail

Martini Royale


1. Fill a glass with ice.

2. Add martini and champagne.

3. Squeeze lemon quarters into a glass.

4. Stir the cocktail with a spoon.

5. Decorate with a leaf of mint and a slice of lemon.

Also, white vermouth can be replaced with red (Rosso), and instead of lemon juice, add cherry. It will turn out “Red royal martini”.

5. “Black and white.”

The successful combination of sparkling wine with coffee liqueur.


coffee liqueur – 30 ml;

champagne – 120 ml;

coffee grains – 3 grams.

cocktail champagne with liqueur

Cocktail B & B


1. Fill the cooled glass with coffee liqueur.

2. Add champagne.

3. Decorate with coffee beans.

It turns out invigorating drink with a subtle taste of coffee.

6. “Golden Velvet”.

Although beer is not recommended to be mixed with champagne, but one portion of this cocktail can be drunk. In addition to the beautiful appearance of the drink has the original rarely occurring taste.


light beer – 100 ml;

champagne – 100 ml;

pineapple juice – 25 ml.

cocktail beer with champagne

Gold velvet


1. Pour cold champagne, pineapple juice and lager beer into a large beer glass.

2. Mix well.

Serve without ice. Drink through a straw.

7. “Northern Lights”.

This cocktail is also called “New Year’s Eve”, since it is on New Year’s Eve that it is customary to interfere with vodka and champagne. But with the right preparation, the drink is not as intoxicating as it’s supposed to be, especially if you use quality ingredients.


vodka – 50 ml;

lemon juice – 50 ml;

sugar – 1 tablespoon;

champagne (sweet or semi-sweet) – 100 ml;

ice cubes – 150 grams.

champagne cocktail with vodka

Northern Lights


1. Mix in a shaker vodka, sugar and lemon juice.

2. Pour into a glass filled with ice.

3. Add champagne and mix thoroughly.

Serve with a straw.

8. “Midday Death”

Another strong alcoholic cocktail, the authors of which offer to taste champagne with absinthe. I do not recommend to drink more than one serving in the evening.


absinthe – 30 ml;

champagne – 150 ml.

absinthe champagne

Midday death


1. Pour absinthe into the glass.

2. Add champagne and mix well.

It turns out very tasty, but too intoxicating, especially for girls.

9. “Peach Haze”.

Exquisite fruit cocktail, which perfectly combines brandy and champagne.


Cognac (brandy) – 25 ml;

orange juice – 25 ml;

champagne (brut) – 50 ml;

peach – 1 piece.

champagne cocktail with fruit

Peach Haze


1. Beat in a blender the peach pulp, brandy and orange juice.

2. extinguished Pour the mixture into the glass.

3. Add champagne.

“Peach Haze” will appeal to lovers of sweet cocktails.

10. “Fizzy Kiwi”.

Cocktail with an unusual green color.


orange juice – 30 ml;

champagne (sparkling wine) – 30 ml;

Kiwi – 1 piece.

a mixture of kiwi and champagne

Fizzy Kiwi


1. Peel the kiwi and beat the pulp in a blender.

2. Pour into a glass and add champagne.

The cocktail can be decorated with a slice of kiwi or orange peel, it is drunk through a straw.

11. “Kiss Marilyn.”

Cocktail in which champagne is mixed with liquors. The video has a recipe and the author’s presentation of two variants of this drink.

12. Tintoretto

Another cocktail, named after the painter. This time the inspirer of the author of the recipe was the Renaissance artist Jacopo Robusti known as Tintoretto (translated from Italian as “the little dyer”). The cocktail has an interesting pomegranate flavor.

delicious cocktail based on champagne



pink champagne – 120 ml;

pomegranate juice – 30 ml;

sugar syrup – 10 ml.

Preparation: pour juice, syrup and champagne into a glass. Stir with a spoon.

Champagne and Caviar: Love in French

When Europeans recognized black caviar as a delicacy (and it happened at the beginning of the last century, of course, Champagne became the “legitimate” companion of black caviar. Since then, champagne and black caviar are perceived as a classic wine-gastronomic union and a symbol of luxury. Speaking of ideal compatibility wines with food in general, two most successful options can be noted: a) champagne and food are ideally combined in their characteristics and seem to melt into each other; b) everything works in contrast, i.e. characteristics are opposite, but complement each other perfectly. Again, a classic example is black caviar. For its fatty and brackish taste, champagne adds acid and freshness. A spoon of caviar – a sip of Krug, another of caviar – more champagne … Endless pleasure: you take one sip with bubbles – and your palate is again ready to accept the caviar. To achieve the perfect balance of balance between champagne and caviar, full-bodied wine should be served, which maintains its salty taste. Only the best wines will be an ideal partner of caviar: Cuvee Dom Perignon (Moet & Chandon), La Grande Dame (Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin), Krug Grande Cuvee, Cristal (Louis Roederer), Sir Winston Churchill (Pol Roger), Grand Siecle (Laurent- Perrier), Clos de Goisses (Philopponnat) and other special cuves and millezyme.

champagne vodka red bull

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