Delivery -500 USD

Collection of orders begins only after receiving money on our account. You will receive a notification in the mail that your order is being formed.
When ordering on our website, we process your order within 26-34 days of the CITES examination, the order is created directly on fish farms, and export and customs documentation is prepared. For more delivery terms to your country, please write:

Then the order is sent to the customs broker in the bag with refrigerant. In case of cancellation of the purchase, you must inform us by e-mail ( before 09:00 GMT the next day and
your application has not yet been sent to a customs broker
After the order is handed over to the customs broker, it is assigned a number with which you can track the delivery.
Your order is accompanied by an international veterinary certificate form 5i and a CITES certificate.
We can supply our high-quality products anywhere in the world, from 5-7 kg.