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normal vodka proofWHAT IS VODKA?

Vodka is an alcoholic beverage produced by the fermentation of starchy foods (such as wheat, rice, potatoes) and sugar. There is an assumption that the first such drink was made in Poland, although the “birthday” of vodka is considered January 31, 1865, the day when Mendeleev defended his doctoral thesis “On the combination of alcohol and water.” This colorless and tasteless (if you do not take into account the pronounced taste of alcohol), the drink is perfectly combined with other components of cocktails, without disturbing their basic taste.

The traditional recipe for vodka requires 40% alcohol by volume. But in many countries of the world set their own standards for the fortress of “fire water”. In many countries of Western Europe, indicators close to 37.5% alcohol are adhered to, and even less in the United States — about 30%. In the CIS countries, this version of the drink is called “light”, and the classic – 40-degree.

normal vodka proof

Speaking about the characteristics of this alcohol, it is impossible to bypass the classification of vodka into pure and flavored. As an aromatic additive, red pepper, ginger, lemon, cinnamon, vanilla, some herbs and roots, and, of course, honey, thanks to which the famous mead is born, are usually used.

The origin of vodka is still the subject of debate. Some sources claim that this drink appeared in Russia around the 9th century, others say that the Poles knew how to make it back in the 8th century. But even if this is so, in those ancient times, the drink faintly resembled modern vodka. Everything was different: the production technology, smell, taste, strength, and even the method of use (then mostly used as medicine). The alcohol content in the ancient drink did not exceed 14%, and the strength of the product was regulated by natural fermentation.

normal vodka proof Vodka should be Russian. Like caviar.

At the dawn of its essence, vodka served man primarily as a medicine. In recent decades, scientists have stepped up research into the properties of this drink and have made many interesting discoveries.


Vodka, though not containing sugar, is a carbohydrate drink. However, in its pure form, it contains almost no calories. Also, it will not find cholesterol or fat.


This is probably the most famous property of vodka. This alcohol solution protects against infections after insect or animal bites, and sterilizes wounds. Based on this product with the addition of phytocomponents, herbalists make tinctures and balms that accelerate wound healing.


Small portions of the drink contribute to relaxation. Scientific evidence confirms that alcohol helps to reduce the stress factor fairly quickly and effectively. And in this regard, vodka acts much faster than red wine. Also, a glass of clear alcohol is useful for improving sleep and calming the brain after an excessively intense emotional day.


In folk medicine, vodka is actively used to treat almost all diseases, ranging from mild headaches to colds. This product is used for the manufacture of other drugs with an anesthetic effect, intended for internal or external use. For example, to make tinctures, herbal ingredients are poured with vodka. As a result, essential oils are rich in healing properties.


If you apply a cotton swab dipped in vodka to your sore tooth, or you can hold a little drink in the mouth, you can reduce the pain or completely get rid of it.


Vodka prevents heart disease. No matter how strange this statement may sound, but researchers say it is true. Small amounts of the product can expand blood vessels, improve blood circulation, including stimulate the flow to the heart. As a result, the blood supply to the body is improved, the risk of strokes and heart attacks is reduced. Another plus of vodka is that it helps to reduce the level of bad cholesterol, which is also useful for maintaining the health of the cardiovascular system.


At the points already mentioned, the benefits of vodka do not end. This product is useful for treating herpes, has diuretic properties and helps get rid of unpleasant foot odor. If you need to reduce body temperature, and there is no paracetamol under your hands, this alcohol will also help. To reduce fever, you should apply napkin soaked with vodka to the patient’s forehead, chest, wrists and feet of the patient. There is an assumption that vodka will help prevent Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and diabetes, improve digestion, and adopted in small quantities increases libido.

This alcohol will come to the rescue of cooks. Alcohol is irreplaceable if you need to save a dried pie. The crust of the baked cake should be simply smeared with vodka and it will become softer. By adding product to the dough, you can make baking more lush and remove excess gluten.

normal vodka proof

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