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pure blue vodkaCool the vodka before drinking. The optimal temperature is 8? 12 ° C. You should not: the water has no flavor bouquet, there is nothing to reveal. Low temperatures will hide an unpleasant alcohol taste and the drink will go easier. No, it does not make sense.

If you are waiting for guests, put them in the freezer a few hours before the feast.

Vodka drink in one gulp. Exhale and drastically pour in vodka. Now is the time to have a snack. In order to easily find straw cucumbers or tomatoes. If you prefer to drink, drink salted tomato juice.

pure blue vodka

Do not mix vodka with sweet and carbonated drinks. Carbon dioxide dramatically increases the effect of water, causing instant uncontrollable intoxication, and sugar is badly combined with strong alcohol, and can cause food poisoning and a heavy hangover the next morning.

pure blue vodka Vodka should be Russian. Like caviar.

Controlled amount of drunk and do not fall for other participants of the feast. Feel free to say “I have enough”, or you can just say “I feel bad”: someone in these circumstances will tell you about “disrespect”, show disrespect himself, and his opinion can be ignored. If you do not know how much you need, you can count on 100? 200 grams (this is 2? 3 grams).

Drink on an empty stomach. Vodka accompanies food, it is not an aperitif or digestif. To slow down the rate of absorption of alcohol into the blood.

Do not overeat. Heavy fatty food is redistributed for a long time and provides the body with an additional burden, aggravating the effects of libation. The statement “Snack degree steals” is false. Snack does not allow alcohol to be immediately absorbed into the blood, not more.

Do not drink in large doses. A 50 g glass or shot glass is an ideal container for vodka. Only alcoholics drink glasses!

After the feast, be sure to drink tea. If there is any phenomenon, then there is a neutral surplus of alcohol and its decay products.

Once, “vodka” was called medicinal alcohol tabletop on herbs and used them as medicines. Modern vodka does not cure, and if you comply with security measures and does not harm.

Pepper tincture on vodka or Hammer of Torah moonshine

The hammer of the northern thunder god Thor had the name Mjolner, “Lightning.” Why is this pepper tincture also called? And you try …

Thanks to three types of pepper, on which the “Hammer of Thor” insists, this tincture tastes much stronger than it actually is. And if they drink vodka in one gulp, this pepper tincture should be sipped in small sips, like noble strong alcohol. No, not for the sake of a drop-down bouquet. Although it has its own taste, quickly arriving and winning like the hammer of the Viking god.

Due to the subjective strength of the tincture, you will not drink much of it (you are not a berserker in combat trance? Not exactly?). A pair of 50g glasses at lunch will give you energy and increase your appetite. The taste of the tincture is very peculiar: sharp, sharp, and leaving a finish that resembles the taste of cucumber or cabbage pickle.

The drink is pronounced masculine, and even for men – to the connoisseur. But if you like peppercorns, it is definitely worth a try.


Vodka or moonshine – 0.5 liters

Sweet pepper – 50 g

Hot pepper – 15 g

Allspice – 40 peas

Cooking technology

Hot and sweet pepper, wash and dry thoroughly. Cut the bell peppers into strips. Remove the seeds from the hot pepper.

Put sweet and hot peppers in a glass lid with a tight lid, add sweet peas to all the peas.

Fill with moonshine or vodka.

Insist in a dark place for 2 weeks, periodically shaking the container.

Strain the pepper tin through a gauze filter and pour into a clean bottle. Store in a cool dark place.

For beauty in a bottle you can add a small whole hot pepper and a couple of peas of allspice.

A few notes on cooking and drinking

This is not vodka and not moonshine. And this is not a shop “pepper vodka”, ordinary vodka, into which a pod of red pepper was thrown for taste and beauty. In this case, vodka completely changes its character thanks to the peppers. Do not drink it in one gulp, feel the taste.

Do not overdo the tincture. If you like this feeling, in the future you can experiment with the terms of insisting. To begin with, endure the described period and immediately strain.

If you feel that you overdo it, you can soften the fierce taste of the Hammer of Thor with a tablespoon of honey or 1–2 teaspoons of sugar (honey is preferable). If you add honey – hold the tincture for another couple of days to dissolve the honey. Do not put sugar more than the specified amount: sugar is the enemy of alcohol, but a small amount of it will soften the taste and make the tincture more “drink”. If you add honey – heat it gently in a water bath so that it becomes liquid. Do not overheat! Under the influence of high temperatures, honey loses its beneficial properties and becomes harmful.

If you have problems with the digestive tract – be careful. The combination of strong alcohol and pepper is not for everyone. But if you feel like a Viking or a Valkyrie, be sure to try.

pure blue vodka

pure blue vodka Late-drunk second glass of vodka – in vain drunk first.